Chimney Caps & Windows

Chimney Caps & Windows copper chimney mount cap

Custom fabricated fireplace chimney caps and copper bay windows are the perfect compliment to custom homes, commercial and retail buildings seeking a finishing touch. At EHC we roll and bend sheet metals, copper and colored metals to create high quality, long lasting chimney caps and add beautiful patina to your home – adding value to your investment with a look that gives great curb copper-bay-windows-indiana  Chimney Caps & Windows copper bay windows indianaappeal.

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Fabricated flashing can be used for:

  • Bay Windows
  • Chimney Shrouds
  • Custom Caps
  • Chase Covers
  • Installation
  • Chimney Covers
  • Round, Square, Rectangle Shapes
  • Copper Chimney Caps
 Custom home builders and architects rely on EHC for fabrication of custom copper bay windows, chimney caps and gutters to compliment the look of fully custom built homes in Indiana. Contact us today and learn why more Indiana contractors and construction companies choose EHC of Indiana.


Chimney Caps & Windows chimney caps indiana