Energy Rebates

Helping you reduce costs while improving the energy efficiency of your home

Whether you need to replace or upgrade to a new Air Conditioner or new Furnace, we enjoy helping you get the best efficiency equipment for your new or existing home.

Depending on our natural gas or electric service provider, a variety of rebates are available in Indiana. This list changes regularly and is subject to change without notice.


Natural Gas Boilers

$300 – at least 90% AFUE and/or CE

Natural Gas Furnaces

$250 – 95-96.99% AFUE
$300 – at least 97% AFUE


$100 – Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostat
$20 – Programmable Thermostat

Duke Energy Customers: $200 Rebate on New Air Conditioner or Heat Pump

  • Heat Pumps must be 14 SEER or greater and include an ECM fan on the indoor unit.
  • Central Air Conditioners must be 14 SEER or greater and include an ECM fan on the indoor unit.
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps must be 10.5 EER or greater and include an ECM fan on the indoor unit.



$150 rebate on 14 to 15.5 SEER

$300 rebate on 16 to 16.5 SEER

$450 rebate on 17 SEER or higher

$500 rebate on any size ground source (geothermal) system

Timpont REMC has many more rebates available, some up to $1,000! Ask joe for more details.


Heat Pump Rebates:

  • Replacing Electric Resistance Heat Get $1,000; Replacing Heat Pump get a $250 rebate!
  • Package: Minimum SEER ≥ 14; HSPF ≥ 8.
  • Split: Minimum SEER ≥ 15; HSPF ≥ 8.5.
  • Installed backup must be electric.

Geo & Geothermal Heating & Cooling Rebates:

  • Up to $1500 rebate!
  • Closed Loop Minimum: EER ≥ 17 COP ≥ 3.6.
  • Open Loop Minimum: EER ≥ 21.1 COP ≥ 4.1.

Please not that the information contained on this page has been gathered from sources deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to confirm all rebates with their utility provider. EHC is not responsible for any information that is out of date or incorrect.